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Jake, Jessie, Shawny, and Sierra

Jake and Jessie Telford own and operate Telford Training, located in Caldwell, ID. They have two daughters, Shawny 9, and Sierra 8. While Jessie has shown cowhorses in the past, her real passion is training barrel horses. Jake and Jessie first met while both were competing at Rodeos in the northwest.

The following article gives a glimpse into Jake's life, where he began and how he got where he is today.
(Cascade Horseman, September 2007, by Sherry Forest)

While Jake was born in UT, he spent much of his time in southern ID, where his father had a large farming operation. While horses were not a huge part of the farm, Jake nonetheless gravitated toward them… and the roping arena. He roped competitively through high school, armature rodeos, professional rodeos, and still ropes today when time permits. From a business stand point, it was the dues he paid in the roping arena that steered him towards a career in the reined cow horse industry. And he has become one of the hottest young trainers today!

Jake got his first taste of training horses from Bob Johnson. Bob had a rope horse training business, and put on many clinic and schools. While Jake was attending one of those schools he got the passion for riding/training multiple horses day after day. Soon thereafter, Jake began training rope horses, and did so for several years before realizing that, in order to make a good living, he would need to redirect his focus to a more lucrative event. “I still rope, and really love it; but it defiantly doesn’t pay very well. Riding reined cow horses is the closest you can get to it, and still have as much fun.”

Jake had not formally worked under any professionals, he found an early mentor in Annie Reynolds. She has had the greatest impact on his training abilities, by using her knowledge and introducing Jake to many of the great trainers, like Ted Robinson, Todd Bergen, and John Roeser, too name a few.

In hindsight, and in addition to the support he has enjoyed in the industry, Jake humbly believes success is dependant on a lot of hard work and resiliency. As his hard work over the past decade is certainly paying off, he is quick to show appreciation for the family, friends, customers, and sponsors he has acquired along the way. He also believes his greatest support is that which comes from his immediate family. Jake and Jessie have been married for 4 years; and Jake credits her with most of his success. “Jessie is so happy and supportive, and she’s always there to cheer me on.”

When the day is done Jake Telford comes across as a positive young trainer with his values in tact. “First and foremost, I hope to be remembered as a good husband, a friend and a family man… and then a horse trainer after that,” he said. “I have a beautiful wife that is the backbone of my business, and I couldn’t do what I do without her. I also have two wonderful daughters- Shawny and Sierra. I guess the three of them are really the reason I work so hard—because I want things to be good for them.”